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Tvrtka D.B. Vent d.o.o.

D.B. Vent d.o.o was incorporated in mid 2007. Although it currently has a reputation of a very young company on the market, all of its employees and executives have a long experience in the field of engineering and electrical installations, especially in the sector of ventilation and air-conditioning the company specialized for. Our educated leading assemblers always have an extra solution since, as executives in their former companies they directed the activities of ventilation and air-conditioning on the facilities such as Branimir Centar, Tekstilpromet, Hypo Alpe Adria Center and City Centar One in Zagreb, Auto Commerc in Rijeka as well as many facilities all over Croatia and...

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Work is underway at four sites in Germany.

These are:
Milaneo (Stuttgart),
Bosch (Renningen),
Glacis Galerie (Neu Ulm),
and Kreissparkasse (Hannover).

In Croatia, we have just completed the work on the building Lutz-Lesnina in Zadar.

In Serbia, the work on the Radisson Blue Hotel in Belgrade that we derive for our longtime partner firm LSG Building Solutions is in the final stage.

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