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Hotel Mauro - Poreč


Hotel Mauro is located on the southern medieval walls of the city of Poreč, at the entrance to the pedestrian zone. The view stretches from the romantic city's waterfront and the island of Sv. Nicholas on the south side to the cobbled streets and Roman atriums of old town of Poreč on the other side.

D.B.Vent d.o.o. was selected by the investor as the main contractor for ventilation - isolation. A hotel with a total of 21 rooms (each with a private bathroom) and a restaurant with accompanying kitchen certainly does not fall into the category of large hotels. But because of the location where the facility is located (the old city of Poreč) it was important to choose a contractor who with the best technical solution will not harm the appearance of the hotel.

Under the aura of St. Mauro with the smell of the sea and clear blue water right next to the window, the guests will start the morning in the intimate atmosphere of a family hotel Mauro.
In Mauro Hotel awaits you 21 rooms, all equipped with top-quality equipment, but differ in size, location and amenities.

Poreč is located at 45.2258 degrees north latitude and 13.593 degrees east longitude. It lies at an altitude of 29 meters.
A city that is almost two thousand years old is located in the harbor, protected from the sea by the island Saint Nikola. Of the approximately 10,500 inhabitants of the city, most lives in the suburbs. Poreč municipality has a total population of about 20,000.
The climate is very mild, free of oppressive summer heat. August is the hottest month with an average of 30° C and low humidity, while January is the coldest, with an average of 5° C. The city has more than 3850 hours of sunshine a year, an average of more than 10 hours of sun on a summer day. The sea temperature can be raised up to 28° C, which is higher than the temperature in southern Croatia. Average of annual rainfall of 920 mm is evenly distributed throughout the year. In Poreč wind is blowing from the north and in the winter brings cold, but sunny weather; the warm wind from the south is bringing rain and breeze, blowing from the sea to the mainland.

The landscape is full with Mediterranean vegetation, with forests of pine trees and green bushes. Fertile red soil is good for agriculture (cereals, orchards, olive groves, vegetable gardens). Today, production of organic foods, olives, grapes, and quality wine varieties such as Malvasia, Merlot, Pinot and Teran, an important part of Poreč economy. (www.hotelmauro.com)